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Kane & Richter Lawyer, LLC can help you with DEFENDING HOMEOWNER’S RIGHTS in the Queens, Bronx, Richmond, New York, Nassau, Kings, Suffolk and Westchester Counties metroplex areas.

          If you are facing foreclosure proceedings and you’d like us to fight the validity of your foreclosure in the above-referenced areas, you cannot afford to take any chances with your dream home.

          The Kane & Richter “Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Program” can assist you to better respond to your summons and/or  complaint, which ultimately may have a long-lasting effect on the foreclosure process of your home.

          If you have received a foreclosure notice letter, you need to seek the advice of an experienced attorney at Kane & Richter Attorneys. Our attorneys provide foreclosure help and guidance programs throughout the New York City metroplex area.

          Get in touch with our foreclosure defense team of attorneys today and we can improve your bad credit.  Simply call: (917) 775-9437 now!

Kane & Richter Attorneys, LLC Can Provide You with An Aggressive Defense When You Need It the Most

          Our top-rated defense foreclosure attorneys can protect you and your family from foreclosure judgment liens.  Our attorneys have more than forty (40) years of experience defending homeowners in the Queens, Bronx, Richmond, Kings, New York, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties.  Our skilled foreclosure defense attorneys offer a wide range of foreclosure services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • How to Reverse a Home Foreclosure Sale: Yes, we can, if the bank attorney did not serve you with an affidavit of service properly, lost the original notes, filed a frivolous foreclosure lawsuit (not credible enough to foreclose because of a fraudulent mortgage assignment).  Or if the plaintiff, bank or loan officer is not a real party in interest, the bank has breached its loan contract (a sudden increase of interest rate on subprime mortgages), or the lender is performing unfair lending practices or a predatory offering, we can help.  In addition, Kane & Richter Foreclosure Attorneys, LLC can contest the bank mortgage fraud, fair debt collection practices act violations, unfair trade practices act violations, and/or any unauthenticated endorsements. If any of these actions have occurred to you, please call us immediately for comprehensive conversation on how we can help you in canceling the foreclosure procedure.
  • How to Stop a Fraudulent Court Foreclosure Proceeding:  If the court finds the plaintiff or bank had filed a frivolous lawsuit against you, we can help.
  • How to Stop False Affidavits and Homeowner Lawsuits: If the traverse hearing process server is subpoenaed to testify before the judge to find out if defendant served personally in accordance with the law, we can help. If the defendant claims that they were not served properly and/or the affidavits of service were left incomplete, we can help. In addition, if the judge then decides the affidavit of service will be admissible to court, we can help.
  • How to Obtain Loan Modification Agreements: Foreclosure modification is possible if current the bank is willing and agree to change the terms of the current note, which may result in a new agreement between the defaulted borrower and the bank; potentially, with new monthly payments or interest rates.  It’s a terrific way to reduce interest payments.
  • How to Get Help with The Tenant Eviction Process: When the tenant stays after the lease has expired, we can help with the process and guide you through the homeowner eviction process.
  • How to Re-Negotiate Mortgage Terms: We can help with the loan term agreement between the defaulted borrower and the bank.  Specifically, by assistance with new monthly payments, interest rates or principal reductions.
  • How to Effectuate the Short Sale Process: When the market value of the property depreciates, the homeowner may be unable to sell the property.  This takes place because the appraised value of the property has depreciated dramatically.  In that case, the bank usually considers reducing the principal amount of the mortgage in order to allow the borrower to sell the property.  However, the homeowner does not get any surplus after the sale of the property.  If that case, we could seek the restructuring and/or refinancing of the loan.
  • How to Create Lower Monthly Mortgage Payments: Loan term agreements between the defaulted borrower and the bank may be re-evaluated containing new monthly payments and/or interest rates.  Perhaps the borrower lost his job or has insufficient income to pay the monthly payments, we can help.
  • How to Proceed with Bankruptcy: You can seek advice from one of our foreclosure defense attorneys, forensic accountants and/or forensic loan auditors for a number of different options concerning a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will ensure that you have received the best quality of service throughout the entire legal process.
  • How to Handle a Settlement Conference:  In New York State, the law mandates that the owner and/or occupied homeowner and the lender’s agent meet with a court appointed referee to confer and to attempt settlement. We can help in this area.

Foreclosure Defense NY recently provided wise and consistent advice.  Seek the help of Kane & Richter Attorneys, LLC for the best of all possible outcomes concerning your home.

Kane & Richter Attorneys, LLC has an Experienced Attorney Defense Team “You Can Count On”.

          To cancel foreclosure proceedings in the Queens, Bronx, Richmond, New York, Nassau, Kings, Suffolk and Westchester Counties areas in  New York, you need to get in touch with our foreclosure defense attorneys right away!

          An aggressive defense representation of your claims from our team of attorneys, will make you trust our firm’s reputation and integrity. Our office has been helping people in the Queens, Bronx, Richmond, New York, Nassau, Kings, Suffolk and Westchester county areas in  New York for many years. Read more about our qualifications.

          Call us today at (917) 775-9437 or contact one of our foreclosure defense attorneys online to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION today!  If you are unable to come to our office, we will meet with you at your location.

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